Overstone School

Northampton 1929-1979

Overstone Association Membership for Old Overstonians and Staff Members



 Adopted on 10th  day of  May  2008 in a General Meeting of the Association


The Association should be called the The Overstone Association.


The objects of the Association shall be to keep the Members in touch with one another in every practicable way.


All ex-school staff and all old girls shall be eligible for Membership and any other persons especially invited to be so by the Committee.  In order to enjoy the privilege of membership, including voting, subscriptions must be paid up in full.


The Association shall be governed by a Committee of not less than three nor more than nine Members and the Officers shall be ex-officio and additional Members of that Committee and shall hold the function of their offices in relation to that Committee.   The Committee shall have full powers to take any steps whatever which it considers to be necessary or desirable in pursuit of the objects of the Association.


The Association shall have five Officers namely:  Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer,  Editor of the Magazine and a Deputy Chairman whose duties shall be those of the Chairman but only when the Chairman is unavailable.  With the approval of the Committee, one person may hold more than one office at the same time, or in succession. 


In the event that the Chairman deems it to be necessary to take any action to forward the interests of the Association at a time when no Committee or General Meeting can be held in time to deal with the situation the Chairman may make or authorise the taking (for example: replacing an office holder on retirement, or death) as he or she thinks fit, but such action must be notified, forthwith, to the other Officers and brought to the attention of the Committee for ratification, or disapproval, at the next Committee meeting.


Election to the Committee and Offices shall be by majority vote at a General Meeting at which notice of nominations shall have been given to all Members not less than 21 days beforehand.   Members may send in postal votes to nominate, in writing, another member to act as proxy.


Members of the Committee and Officers shall be appointed for four years and shall be eligible for re- election save that no one shall serve for more than eight years unless re - elected by a two thirds majority.


The quorum for a general meeting shall be six and the quorum for a Committee meeting shall be three.  The Chairman shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie. 


The Treasurer shall prepare accounts annually and present them at least once in every calendar year either to a General Meeting, or to the Committee, or through the magazine and, if there be no such opportunity, then in writing in to every Member of the Committee. Copies of the accounts shall be supplied to any Member upon request in writing to the Treasurer.


Subscriptions to Members shall be due on 1st January each year and shall be decided by the Committee from time to time but any other charges the committee may deem it appropriate to levy may be imposed on an ad hoc basis.   Members who do not pay dues within 12 months of their being due shall cease to be Members of the Association unless excused by the Committee.


Committee meetings can be called as and when the Chairman and two other Members of the Committee agree and General Meetings can by called by the Committee, or by seven Members notifying the Secretary in writing.  Not less than 14 daysí notice should be given for a Committee Meeting and not less than 21daysí notice for a General Meeting. 


A register of names and addresses of Members shall be maintained by the Secretary and printed in the Membersí Magazine, as well as being available to any Member upon request.


This constitution may be amended at any General Meeting of which not less than 21 days notice of the proposed amendment has been given, in writing, or by email, to all Members.


The Association may be wound up by a two thirds majority at a General Meeting, or in the event that no Members can be found willing to act as the prescribed Officers, or in the event that the number of subscribing Members falls below 30. Any sum remaining in the account(s) of the Association may be disposed by the Committee to support the holding of a closing event and/or      Memorial Bursary Prize or Scholarship to sister school Burgess Hill, or the Armitt Trust, or in any other way, at the discretion of the committee or members.


This constitution shall be governed by English Law and subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts, but the Members hereby agree not to refer disputes to the Courts but in the event of any dispute to confer absolute authority on the Committee.  






























Email contact: info@overstoneschool.co.uk




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